Monday, June 04, 2007

Mystery solved!

(If you are new to the blog, you will want to check out this post and this post before reading on)

So, last night I went on a little Sunday evening walk. It was perfect weather. The sun was setting, there was enough cloud cover to make the air nice and cool, and the atmosphere in general had that "It might rain soon" feeling (even though it never did actually rain).

I just walked around some of the blocks in my neighborhood, probably a mile total. While I was walking I saw a father playing in the park with his 3-year old son, and a little girl (probably age 6 or 7) scooting down the street on her scooter with an orange gingham cape on. I don't know if she was pretending to be Supergirl, or Little Orange Riding Hood or what. I wanted to ask her, but since we've never met, technically I'm a stranger. And, as a stranger, I probably shouldn't be tempting little girls to talk to me. I mean, what if I got her to talk to me, and she found out I was really nice? ('cuz I am--really nice you know) Then she might decide that her parents are wrong, and it actually IS okay to talk to strangers! Who knows what kind of stranger she might meet next! It might be another nice lady in the neighborhood, or it could be something worse--like a vacuum or knife or cookware salesperson who will she will then lead to her unsuspecting parents at home, and they will either have to buy new vacuum, (which they will then use to see if it really can pick up that bowling ball) or spend the next two months trying to rid themselves of this unwelcome visitor.

No, I just couldn't have that on my head. So I didn't ask, and we will probably never know the full story of that cape.


However, as I was rounding the corner on the final stretch of my walk, what house should I pass, but the "Lions-in-the-Driveway House". And, to my joy, what should I find, but the occupant of the home, outside, watering her flowers. And, she looked like a nice lady, like nice enough that I felt like I could probably talk to her. (even if she was a stranger)

Hooray!! The stars had lined up in my favor!!!

So, I approached her, and told her how pretty her flowers and other decor was. (this was not a lie. Her flowers and other decor is really very very pretty. ) She smiled, and seemed genuinely pleased to be talking with me about this. So, since I had put her at her ease, and I went ahead and unleashed my question! I asked her what had happened to the lions she had put in the driveway!

I expected her to tell me that there was some city ordinance against driveway lions and so she had needed to take them down. Or, perhaps that she had ran over one of them in her Honda, and so she didn't feel she could just have one. Or perhaps that a thief in the night had come through one day and stolen them right off the driveway.

Something exciting or intriguing like that.

But, what really happened was that one of her friends really liked them, and so she gave them to her as a gift.

I wonder how good of friends you have to be with this lady before she'll give you her stuff. As I was leaving, I noticed a really pretty hanging flower stand that I wouldn't mind owning.



Jeri said...

what a relief. I was having trouble sleeping at night wondering about those lions:)

I was sorry I didn't get out there and find out while I was up in the area for the wedding, but Tim looked at me and had the look of a man about to die (or a man who wnated to die) when I suggested we go out and knock on the door to ask what happened.

So I let it in the hands of fate, and luckily the stars were in our favor!

Dishboy said...

Does this lady happen to have a ski boat? I could surely see myself becoming a fast friend for one of those.

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