Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Make new friends, but keep the old,
One is silver and the other gold

I used to sing that song at 4-H camp and at Girl's Camp, back when I was in middle school and high school. We'd sing it as a round. I wish I knew how to add sound clips (and I wish I had a sound clip of it to add), and I'd do it. It's a beautiful little song.

Anyway, the past week or so has been all about "keeping the old" (as in friends).

Last Thursday Eric and I were able to meet up with Heidi and Phil, and meet their new darling baby daughter, Eden. We hadn't seen each other since Eric and I became a Mr. and a Mrs., or since Phil and Heidi became a dad and a mom. So, there was lots to talk about. Baby stuff and wedding stuff and what's-your-favorite-part-about-being-married stuff and what's-the-hardest-thing-to-get-used-to-now-that-you're-a-parent stuff. And then there was just the general friend stuff as well. It was lovely. H&P(and E) are now down in Utah County, visiting other family. But, they'll be back up this way before they head back to Alabama, so I'm hoping for a few more good chats and laughs.

Friday we met up with Dorothea and Sergei for a night of eating and games. Getting our food was a bit of an ordeal, because everyone but me ordered steaks, and every one of the steaks was significantly undercooked from what had been ordered. Then, at least one of them came back over-cooked. I hate complaining in restaurants, or making a fuss when I get the wrong amount of change or am overcharged at grocery stores and stuff, but I also hate getting cold food, or under-cooked food, or paying more than I was told I would. It's such a dilemma, you know? But, it all got straightened out, and our great server gave us a hefty discount on the meal, which was really good of him.

After dinner, we played "Acquire", which is a great game that Eric had been raving about from
the time we got married until we took some of our wedding money and purchased a copy. I think Eric mainly likes it because he's good at it--he's won every time we've played. But, it is a fun game, and it was especially fun to play with Dorothea and Sergei.

Saturday was a day full of friends. My friend Harriet, (who organized our engagement party last March) went through the temple and received her endowment . She had been baptized just over a year previously (which is a whole other story), and so it was a real thrill to be able to go to the temple with her. In an added bonus, my friend and former co-worker Delphina made the trip up from Orem to be in attendance as well, so we were able to catch up with each other as well. Nice!

Saturday evening (while Eric was busy working on some drawings that he's got to get done before the end of July) I made a surprise visit to Bonita Juanita, which was lovely. Sunday afternoon, I sang a duet with Sylvia in the ward that Eric and I used to attend before we were married. So, there were all kinds of friends there.

And then the weekend ended and the week began.

Keep the old indeed. I hope I always can.


Harmony said...

If we ever make it to Cache Valley, or if you ever make it to Utah Valley, or if we ever meet up in Cedar, or--whatever--we'll have to play Acquire with you. Jeff and I have played it with my family for years. Besides, we'd like to meet Eric sometime...even if he beats us.

Harmony said...

Oh, and we've found an online version of it that we often play long distance on Sunday evenings...if you guys are interested. I'd love to see if Eric can beat my dad. :-)

Bamamoma said...

What happened to Henrietta and Pedro? :) We will definitely get together some more and in a very nice turn of events, Eden has decided to be much more happy and content than she has been the last few weeks (we are going on day 2 so we shouldn't really count on it yet, but here's hoping...).

Charlotte said...


A fellow Acquire player! I thought it was just a Cantwell game!

We don't have internet access at home, so we aren't often at a computer on Sunday evenings, but that could change. I'll keep you posted. However, once you get settled in Utah County, we should see if we can't arrange for a Packer/Cantwell game evening sometime. Heck, we could even invite the Mellors!

Bamamoma-I made a new blog rule--once a person has their own blog, they no longer need my silly psuedonymns (sp?) to protect them. Good news about Eden!

Harmony said...

Do the Mellors play Acquire too? Mwahahahahaha! An Acquire-fest! Or we could just get together and eat and chat....

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