Thursday, June 14, 2007

Delayed Gratification

A couple of years ago, I had a conversation that means more to me now than it did then.

You know how sometimes that happens?

Anyway, it was with one of my voice teachers. She was a wonderfully eccentric lady, free-spirited and fun, quick to speak her mind, kind of quirky, and married to an engineer. I don't know if she had married late or just had kids a little bit later in life, but when I knew her, she had an seven-year old and a four-year old. She was probably in her late forties at the time of the conversation in question.

Anyway, we were talking about the events of the day, and she was telling me about how she had gone to a concert that afternoon to see her kids perform. As she was describing how they did, she then went on to describe her conduct during the concert. She said that she had taken the video camera, and was climbing over other parents and audience members, most of whom were at least 10 years younger than she was, in an attempt to get the best shots of her little darlings.
She showed no remorse for doing any of this, and pretty much laughed at herself saying, "I know they all thought I was crazy at the best, and rude at the worst, but you know, I waited a long time for these kids! I'm going to enjoy them!"
(abrupt change of subject coming)
Most of my friends and all of my immediate family married when they were in their 20s. I'm thirty-six years old, and I've been married for two months today. I've pasted some pictures below of what the back bumper of Eric's car looks like these days. I want to make it clear that I had nothing to do with this sticker. Eric bought it completely by himself, and it was a totally (albeit pleasant) surprise to me when I discovered it.

Some may think this is a bit cheesy (in fact, most people probably will think it even more than a bit cheesy). But, to quote (and change ever so slightly) the words of my teacher Maribeth; Eric and I waited a long time to find each other, and now that we finally have, we are (sure as heck) going to enjoy it!


(p.s.--don't get used to this "posting everyday" thing. I'm sure it will soon come to an end, and I'll be back to my usual "twice a week or so" schedule)


Dishboy said...

That's pretty cool. Good for Eric.

Jeri said...

you kno whte saying, "goo dthings come to those who wait? well is sure sounds like "GREAT things" came to you! You are a lucky lady, and Eric is most certainly a lucky man.

scullery maid said...

What a sweet gesture. Maybe Eric can give dishboy some pointers.

In all seriousness, I am so glad you and Eric found each other. He is such a good man and so fun to be around. I am really looking forward to the reunion for all that "family bonding" time.

Jennie said...

LOVE IT!!! i agree totally! i, too, got married "late" in my life... and i am very grateful for all of the time that i get to spend with my cute husband!

good for you!

oh... ps... do you know how to get ahold of kristi? she left a note on my blog, but i don't know how to reach her... thanks!

Charlotte said...


Kristi is a regular reader and shadow contributor to this blog:,

So, if you were to leave a comment for her there, she would surely read it. (I kind of doubt she'd want me to post her e-mail address on the world wide web, so that might be the best way to find her for now)

Tasha said...

I don't know if you remember me or not, but my dad, Coach Decker, talked about you so much that I grew up knowing that you were someone for me to look up to - I'm glad that you found love and happiness and want to thank you for being someone who my dad admires incredibly.

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