Monday, June 18, 2007

Am I married to Fred MacMurray?

What a weekend!

Friday was the Summerfest performance. It went pretty well. The best part of the whole thing was being able to see so many friends and family there. My parents came up, along with my sister-in-law and two of my nieces. In addition, the Packers (who were a little like adopted parents to me when I was in middle school and high school) surprised me by coming up from Layton (how nice!). After I was done singing, I ran into several local friends who had seen my name in the paper and came to hear me, it seems more because they missed our wedding reception than for any other reason. So, it was fun to catch up with them as well. There were friends who took late lunches from their jobs to come and smile up at me, and finally, Eric's parents, sister-in-law (along with Jonathan, Joseph, Big Emma, and Rebekah), and aunts came as well. (and of course, Eric was there too) Honestly, I think there might have been only 3 or 4 people in the audience with whom I wasn't personally acquainted. That probably doesn't say much for my talent, but what does that matter to me? To have a circle of friends and family who will provide this kind of support . . . well, let's just say it's a blessing. A great big giant wonderful blessing.

Friday night we went for sushi with the Cantwell's to celebrate Father's Day. Saturday I went for a walk and a chat with my friend Sequina in the morning, and Eric and I went to Summerfest (now that I was more relaxed and could enjoy it) and a play in the evening.

Sunday ended up being kind of a crazy day. At about 10:30 a.m., the second counselor in our bishopric came knocking at the door and asked us to meet with the Bishop (together) in two hours. I might mention that while Brother M- was in a shirt and tie, Eric and I were still in our pajamas, and when we heard the doorbell, Eric had to quickly put on a t-shirt while I hid upstairs and eavesdropped.

I spent the next two hours idly wondering what this would mean. Neither of us had callings in the ward yet, but neither of us had ever really met with the Bishop in our new ward yet either. So, I (optimistically) decided that he probably just wanted to meet with us, and get to know us a little better, since we were new members of his ward and all. (Yeah, right)

So, to make a longer story with a bunch of unnecessary details shorter, we met with the Bishop, and rather than calling us to work in the nursery together (which is what Eric was thinking would happen), he called Eric to be the Young Men's President! How cool is that? On the one hand, I'm a little bummed, because it has been great fun to have Eric all to myself for these glorious two months. Being the Young Men's President is one of those time-intensive callings, and I'm not looking forward to sharing my man. For the most part though, I'm really pleased. Eric relates very well to teenage boys (Actually, he relates really well to people of all ages. That's one of the things I love most about him), and I think he'll be able to do some good there.

As we were sitting in Church, scenes from the movie Follow Me Boys kept rolling through my mind. Eric's duties are not as scout-related as they would be if he had been asked to be the scoutmaster, so it's not an exact match, of course. All the same, I'm thinking I might want to start keeping fresh baked cookies or something around the house, just in case some lost boy needs to drop by for a little bit of warmth and understanding.


scullery maid said...

I heard from a little birdie that your singing was "really something special to hear" I wish we could have made it but I am hoping to convince you to put on an encore presentation at the reunion.

Congrats to Eric as well. That is really exciting news. I guess this means you will have some scrapbooking time freed up.

Jeri said...

fun stuff. I love the summerfest picture of you on Harmony's blog. wish I could've been there.

Fun fun fun with the new calling. It IS time intensive, but fun to have the boys a part of your life (assuming they are a good group of kids - like the ones Tim is currently working with now) Here's a tip for the having "fresh baked cookies" in the house. I can't do that, because I have no will power and I eat anything sweet in sight - what I did/do is make large batches of cookie dough and freeze it. (either in a big ice cream bucket type thing - ready to ball and bake at a moments notice, or I ball up the dough, flash freeze it, then put the balls in a container (saves the step of balling the dough) ready to bake at any time. Then when you have drop in guests, you are an easy 10 minutes away from fresh hot cookies... (and if you get in a real bind for a "sweet-fix," you can always eat a dab of cookie dough yourself, or bake up a couple cookies.

Dishboy said...

When I talked to Dad on Sunday he said he could have listened to you all day long and was somewhat saddened when you were done. Sounds like you did a great job.

As I look back on my limited experience I am reminded at how many of the young men's presidents in my various wards over the years have been called as bishops shortly thereafter (including our current yourng men's president, a USU grad, who will most certainly be our next bishop). Just thought you might enjoy that little tidbit of Dishboy analysis.

amy greenway said...

YM pres. huh? Hilarious since Eric kinda skipped that part of his life in the gospel. I guess if you miss it the first time around the Lord gives you a chance to go back and experience what you missed. :) I think it will be great.

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