Friday, May 25, 2007

The Power Wagon

When I was about nine years old, my parents bought a new Dodge Colt. It was black (although it was later painted blue), and it became my mom's "drive around when you don't have all the kids with you" car. It later became the car that my father used to teach me how to drive a standard transmission. Even later, it became the car my father used to teach every one of my siblings the same skill.

When I got into high school, (and later college) I was allowed to take the car with me sometimes, and use it to run errands, and all that kind of stuff. When I left home to attend Utah State University, my parents allowed me to take the Colt with me. By then it was getting a little hammered, but it still ran, and it worked for me. Of all the cars I've ever had, this one is probably my favorite. Here are a few of my favorite memories:

In high school, I would sometimes drive it to the school and leave it in the parking lot while I went up to Northern Utah on track or cross-country or choir or band trips. Often when I came home, I would find it parked in a different parking spot, across a few different parking spaces. This was all courtesy of my male classmates, who would get together and physically move it (using nothing but thier newly developed muscles) from one place to another. High School Boys. They never change do they?

My friends at SUU used to call it "the Power Wagon", because it had a lever you could use to get the car from "economy mode" to "power mode" (I never noticed any difference in the amount of actual power, regardless of where the lever was. However, when it was in "power mode", the engine made more noise). One time, we were driving the car with some of our friends. We'd crammed six college freshman in the car, at least one of them with his legs hanging out of the hatch-back. It was late and I was driving through the mostly-deserted streets of Cedar City. I happened to start up one of the streets on the wrong side of the road, and we got pulled over by a policeman. It was only the second time I'd ever been pulled over (the first time had been two years previous when a friend in my neighborhood convinced the Police Chief to arrange to have me receive a "ticket" to go to the Junior Prom with him) and I was scared out of my mind. Come to think of it, we didn't get a ticket or anything. It was probably my fear and genuine regret that saved us.

Once I lost the car in an SUU parking lot for four days. I lived really close to the school, as well as to a grocery store, so I hardly ever drove anywhere. But, one day I did drive to down to school for some reason. Then I forgot that I had driven, and walked home to my apartment. Four days later, I went out to the apartment parking lot to drive somewhere, and couldn't find the car. I searched all over the parking lot, and concluded that someone had stolen it. That seemed odd to me, since it was FAR from being the nicest car in the area. Eventually (before I filed a police report or even told my parents) I remembered that I had driven it down to the University. I ran down there as fast as my legs could carry me, and sure enough, there it was, just waiting.

So, that's probably enough on this car. We don't have it anymore, unfortunately. When I bought my first car (a Geo Metro) in 1995, my parents took the Colt back and my other siblings used it for their needs. When my youngest brother left home, the car was way past being on its last legs and so my parents got rid of it. I think they actually donated it, if I'm not mistaken.

And that's it for today.



DeSAGMaWS said...

I recall driving the colt from Logan to Cedar after the folks "bought" it back from you. That was a wonderful 7 hours of just me and the Colt. No A/C, no cruise, just me and the AM radio bouncing (as the shocks were pretty shot years before it was donated) down the freeway at 65 mph (45 going through the passes). Good times.

Charlotte said...

Dishboy! You are Dishboy! You can't hide it from me!

Charlotte said...

(of course, if you were trying to hide it, you'd be pretty silly to write all those descriptive facts now, wouldn't you?)

Jeri said...

I LOVED the "power wagon." I so remember that night you got pulled over. if memory serves, there were actually two boys hanging out the open hatchback - Beaner and Sor. We were coming back from "jumping" that bump on the hill. (was is called lay hill? I can't recall) I remember beaner about flew out the back on the last jump.

The funniest part of that memory for me was that as you were being pulled over, Simon (I'm sure you could come up with a much more clever blog name) let out a foul word, and you were more (or at least equally) appalled and shocked by that than the fact that you were being pulled over. I remember you saying something like "you just swore. IN MY CAR. and it's almost Sunday." (or something along those lines.)

What a fun memory.

Hey - now that I think of it, wasn't that the car we took and the same night we went on our "non-date" with bry and bri? (To help out Winonna - who had already asked Simon out and didn't want to go alone?) Wasn't that the night we learned all about "scoring?"

Can you just hear me singing....

Memories, light the corner of my mind... thanks for the brief trip down memory lane

Jennie said...

hi! i found your blog through a friend of a friend! what fun to read! thanks for sharing!

Dishboy said...

I just realized that Melissa learned how to drive a stick with the Colt as well.

melissa c said...

how fun! I had actually bought a dodge colt from my roommate at Utah state when I went there after my mission.

It was already aptly named "Misery". I paid 200 bucks for that beautiful car!

I had it until after I was married.

It was lovingly sold to the junk yard for 30 bucks.

Ah, nastalgia.

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