Monday, May 21, 2007

Crossing "T's"

I didn't go running this morning, and my running time usually turns out to be the time when I come up with my best ideas for blog entries. So, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to write about at the moment. I guess we'll just have to see.

One of my big projects lately has been trying to get my last name changed. A few weeks ago I spent about two hours in a room at the County offices, in order to get a new Social Security Card sent to me. It was kind of an inefficient process, mainly (I suppose) because representatives only come up here twice per month for 5-6 hours each time. On the bright side, while I was waiting, I finished my first ever Sudoku puzzle (having purchased a Sudoku puzzle book over a year previous).

After I changed the Social Security card, I went to change my Drivers Licence, which was much easier. I had to get a new photograph, and unfortunately this particular photo makes me looke like I'm not all the way there or something. But, at least it's Charlotte Cantwell who looks that way and not Charlotte Corry anymore. I also updated my weight on the new drivers license, adding 5 pounds so I'm not lying anymore. That was a little tough on the old ego.

After doing those things, I've mainly just been making sporadic calls to banks, credit card companies, and the like, getting them to change my name there. Since I sign all the checks for the opera company, I've had to get new signature cards for our checking accounts here as well. It's kind of a pain, but definitely doable.

Now I'm faced with the decision of how best to sign my name. I'm one of those people who crosses their "t's" with a little upswing in the middle of the word, rather than going back and crossing them afterward. This way works really well for "Charlotte", but not as well for "Cantwell" (the cross of the "t" ends up looking like a really sloppy "d". You probably can't envision it, so just trust me). Also, "Cantwell" is about twice as long to write as "Corry", which isn't a big deal unless your signing about 200 checks, which I will be doing approximately five times in the next 15 weeks. So, we'll see how that all turns out I suppose.

It is kind of fun though, I have to admit.

In other news, yesterday Eric and I were able to see a whole bunch of our friends from our days in the singles ward. That was definitely a treat!

And that's all for today amigos.



Dishboy said...

With that many signatures I'm surprised that you haven't adopted a doctor's signature. All you've got to do is find a cool hand stroke and call it your signature.

melissa c said...

Hey girl, I don't want to hear ANY complaining until you last name is CUNNINGHAM!

I just use my doctor signature. I write the first few letter and the end is a long squiggly line.

I didn't do my run today either. Dang!

loved the post today.

bamamoma said...

I'm with Jacob, go for a cool stroke. My signature essentially stayed the same (one of the reasons I flatlined it afew years ago - that and signing it lots at work).

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