Saturday, May 12, 2007

flowers and vegetables

This may be quick, or it may be long--who knows?

We're at the home of Eric's parents. Eric needs to pick up some more "decor" (read: robots) for the "man room". I'm not sure how long we'll be here, so I went out back to look at the beautiful lilacs, and I thought I'd take a minute and blog while I'm waiting for him.

Being back in real life is not quite as fun as being on a honeymoon, but overall, it's not been bad. Our jobs have been stressful for us both, since the work really piled up while we were away. But, it was worth it. Last night we were able to have dinner with Greg & Tamara (Eric's brother and his wife), which was really quite fun. Before that, I did a little bit of work in what passes for our garden. I have tulips, and I just planted tomatoes yesterday. The hollyhocks that I planted from seed last year seem to be coming back, as are the daisies. In addition, Marcos & Adelina (childhood friends of Eric's who are fast becoming friends of mine as well) gave us about 5 different "love themed" plants as a wedding gift (bleeding hearts, bachelor's buttons, forget-me-nots, cupid's arrow), along with a kneeling cushion. So, I'm hoping to get those in the ground this afternoon.

I didn't realize how much fun it would be to plant things and watch them grow. When I was a kid, we used to plan a family garden every summer. Each child would have "control" over a certain amount of land, and we were free to plant whatever we wanted there. I usually did carrots and peas, because those were my favorite vegetables. (Interesting, because peas are my absolute least favorite vegetable cooked, canned, or frozen, but my absolute favorite vegetable fresh and raw) Anyway, when I was a kid, gardening, while bearable, wasn't all that fun. Now it's different. Ever since I moved to my own place last year, I've found that I love gardening. I love the planting, I love the watching for the first signs of growth, and I especially love the sitting on the back patio when the flowers are all in bloom, and just reading or writing or talking on the phone or whatever. Since most of my garden is a container garden, I don't have to weed very often or very much, which only adds to my enjoyment.

So, it's a nice time of year for me.

And I think that's all for today.

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amy greenway said...

Gee I miss those lilacs. I haven't seen them in bloom for years. Sigh.

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