Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Dream Book

So, last night for Family Home Evening, Eric and I read one of the conference talks (for our lesson), and then we started work on what is going to be our Dream Book. It was SOOOO fun! Both of us were a little apprehensive about it all, but we went for it anyway, and we had a ball. Basically, we sat down with some blank pieces of paper and wrote out all (or at least most) of the dreams we have for our future. Some of them are pretty big dreams, and it may take a miracle or two for them to come about. But, we figure that they are more likely to come about if we decide we want them than if we don't have to courage to hope for them. Besides, I'm a big believer in miracles. So, we went ahead and "dreamed big".

The next step (which we'll probably do next Monday evening) is for us to look through magazines and in other places and find pictures that depict our dreams. Once we do that, we'll paste them into a really pretty photo album that we received for our wedding. As we get more dreams, we'll put more pictures in the album.

So, that's the big event of the moment. You might wonder where we got this idea--or you may not. But if you do, you can read the post entitled "The Dream Book-references". I've put some other things there that kind of tie it all together.

In other news, things are still good. We've been spending our free time in various projects lately--Eric setting up the man room, and me working on a guitar/singing project that I've allowed myself to be talked into doing. (more on that in another post probably)

And that's it for today folks.


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Bamamoma said...

thanks Charlotte for sharing! I think Phil and I are going to follow your example. This may be an answer to some of the things he and I have been discussing lately (how to prioritize, reach potential, etc.).

You need to update the part about not having any big singing gigs lined up though because you do now!!!! Dream Big! :)

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