Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Dream Book-references

In order to really understand the post that will be posted above this one, you'll need to do a little bit of background reading.

First, go to this website, and read the account of Glenna's Goal Book. (I would just copy it here, but it's copyrighted)

Then, read the following account, which is a modified version of something I wrote up last February to give to some of my friends for Valentine's Day:

"Charlotte's experience with Glenna's Goal Book"

In 2006 I was a 35-year old single girl who had just ended a three-year relationship with a man that I loved. My best girl friend and roommate of seven years had become engaged and moved out in preparation for her wedding and subsequent move across the country. The year prior to all of this had been one of immense struggle for me, and I was a little concerned that the future might end up being even worse.

In March or so of that year, I was thumbing through my copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, and I found the account listed above. I had read this story before, and it had impressed me then, but I had set the book aside and hadn’t put together my own goal book.

I decided that this time I would do something about it. I was a little apprehensive about it all, worrying that I might put together a goal book and then nothing would happen and I would have wasted my energy and my hopes. But, I reasoned that I really didn’t have anything to lose. Many of my dreams didn’t seem to be coming true at that point anyway, and so if I were to make the book and they still didn’t come true, I would be no worse off than I was already. To put it shortly, I figured that it might not help, but it surely wouldn’t hurt, so I might as well take the chance.

I couldn’t justify the purchase of an expensive photo album (I’m overly frugal by nature), so I went to “Ross Dress For Less”, and purchased a photo album that looked expensive for about $6. Then I started combing through magazines, looking for the pictures of my dreams. Like Glenna, I was very specific with my pictures. They included:

  1. A woman about my age with brown hair, looking thoughtfully off into the distance, radiating peace and contentment.
  2. A woman a bit older than me with brown hair, playing with a hula-hoop and radiating fun and enjoyment.
  3. A man and a woman laughing together.
  4. A man and a woman sharing a tender kiss.
  5. A collage with an LDS temple, a diamond engagement ring, and a bride and a groom.
  6. Families riding bicycles, playing games, studying the scriptures, and spending time together.
  7. A man with a bit of a beard, on top of a roof with a nail gun, and another picture of a couple in a pick-up truck. (symbolizing to me that my husband would be more on the “handy” side than not)
  8. A girl at a microphone, singing to a crowd of people.
I finished my album towards the end of March. About 10 weeks later, a guy named Eric asked me to have dinner with him. I had known Eric for a few years at that point, and we were friends. Not “share-your innermost-dreams” friends, not even “hang-out-together-from-time-to-time” friends. More like “say-‘hello’-with-a-little-more-enthusiasm-than-normal-when-you-happen-to-run-into-each-other“ friends.

So, we went to dinner. And then we went hiking. And then we went to dinner again. Eventually we went from dating every other week or so to dating every week. Then we started seeing each other every few days, and then we started seeing each other every day. It wasn’t too long before I realized that Eric was my best friend, and even the best friend I’d ever had in all my life. I found that Eric had a sense of humor that was nearly a perfect compliment to my own. I found that Eric’s kisses made me feel all “shimmery” in a way that no kiss ever had before. In short, Eric grew into being a man that I loved, completely and in a way that I’d never loved anyone before. We got engaged on December 8, and we will marry each other in the Logan Temple on April 14, 2007.

Even before I started dating Eric, I found that other things in my life started to turn around. I felt more comfortable being in social situations, more confident, and happier. I felt more at peace about my future, even before it was clear what that future would be. As I felt better and better about myself, I was able to let loose and be more playful than I ever had previously. Part of this can obviously be attributed to the excitement that comes from falling in love. But, I firmly believe that it’s not the whole reason that these things started to change for me.

And as to the other pictures? I don’t know how the family-oriented ones will be fulfilled, nor do I have any firm gigs in the future involving me singing to great big crowds of people. There are also other pictures in that book that I didn’t describe here, and many of them depict events and situations that are still to be completed. But, when I met Eric, he had a bit of a beard, and he was working as a construction estimator in the family business, which just happens to be a lumberyard. If that’s not a handy man, I don’t know what is. Now, if the Lord cares enough about me and my life to send me a man who has a beard and knows how to use a nail gun, is he going to forget or overlook the desires that are infinitely more important to me? I think not.

To end this story, (for now), I have one more story. About two weeks ago, I determined that I would put together a scrapbook with pictures and souvenirs from Eric’s and my dating and courtship experience. As I was looking for an album to hold these pictures, I couldn’t find anything that I liked. I went to three different stores without finding anything, and had decided to go ahead and put it all in a basic three-ring binder. Just as I was leaving the last store, I glanced down at the bottom shelf in the “scrapbook album” aisle and saw some very familiar fabric. There was a scrapbook album with the exact cover as the photo album I had chosen for my “goal book”. Except for the size (the scrapbook was bigger), this album was exactly the same as the book I had bought nine months earlier at Ross Dress for Less.

Is this all a coincidence? Maybe. It’s entirely possible that if I hadn’t assembled my own goal book back in May that I would still be where I am today, at peace and full of joy and engaged to the man of my dreams. I will never know what would have happened if I had put together my goal book back years ago, when I first found the account of Glenna. I will also never know what would have happened if I wouldn’t have put together my goal book back in March. But, I do know this: I was right when I determined that trying out Glenna’s plan “wouldn’t hurt anything, and might actually help my situation”. It was a chance that I’m glad I took. So glad that I’m sharing the whole story with you.

-February 14, 2007

Okay. Now you've done your homework, and you can probably better understand Eric's and my activities of yesterday evening.


elissa said...

Hey,do you stick on doing the goal book things?I'm interested to know more about that.Thanks.

Charlotte said...


We haven't added to our goal book in awhile, but we keep on seeing the things that we originally put there come true, the most recent one being the birth of our healthy, adorable daughter, who also happens to be the joy of our lives.

Also, one of my friends has put the challenge to the test and has also seen many of her goals and dreams "magically" be fulfilled.

Here are two other blog posts that talk about some of our dreams/goals coming true . . .



There are still many more that we're waiting to be fulfilled, but I'm full of hope that we'll see them all realized at some point.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any specific questions. My e-mail address is on the sidebar of my blog.

Elissa said...

Hey Charlotte

How amazing is that!How do I wish there's a good looking standing beside me and turning to be my special one.:)

Anonymous said...

Charlotte, I've tried to go into your blogspot 'further proof that dreams do come true etc' but I'm told it doesn't exist.


Charlotte said...

Huh. I just cut and pasted the link, and it worked okay for me.

But, if you'll go into the archives of this blog, it's the post dated October 23, 2008. So, you can find it that way if you like.

If you have any more trouble, let me know!

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