Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Creme Brulee and the Subaru

Well, just after I wrote the previous post, I had a meeting get cancelled, and so now it appears that I do have a few minutes in which to post something. Don't plan on anything earth shattering though. It's just the weekend report.

We had a glorious weekend. We determined not to go anywhere for the holiday, which was a great choice. Because of it, we were able to sleep in, do some house cleaning and cooking (that was me), take some old furniture to Goodwill (that was Eric), put together a computer desk (Eric again), and live a little bit of the life of luxury, courtesy of some of the gift cards we received for our wedding.

We ate great food, and purchased some new pillows (I LOVE new pillows! Really, is there anything better than a nice, fluffy, new pillow? ). We saw Raiders of the Lost Ark at our local Classic Theatre, and we had dinner at the same place we went to celebrate our engagement almost seven months ago. We were able to meet up with many family members as we did these errands, and (as mentioned in the last post) I was able to put together a list of the songs that I'll probably be singing at Summerfest. Whew!

As I write it all down, I'm a bit surprised at just how busy our "relaxing weekend" turned out to be. However, I still haven't written about the two biggest events. They are:

1. I introduced Eric to Creme Brulee, (having received a Creme-Brulee-making-kit-including-butane-torch for a shower gift) and he loves it. We both love it, in fact. We both love it so much that I will probably have to put a definite quota on the number of times we can eat it in any given month. That stuff is dangerous.

2. Eric introduced me to the two-foot drop-off in the driveway of his parents' home. Unfortunately this introduction was not made until I had backed the rear passenger-side tire of our car over it. Everything worked out okay--the car is fine, I'm fine, the driveway is fine. However, by the time everything was back to normal, we had seen and heard from pretty much every person living within a 2-house radius. As it turned out, we needed all their help to get the car back to normal, but still, how embarrassing!

I suppose I shouldn't be embarrassed though. Or at least, I should be used to it. Someday I might have to do an entry on my car catastrophes. I hate to admit it, but in the past 20 years, I've taken out (or at least run into) mailboxes, garage doors, carport poles, & bakery windows. Now I can add driveway drop-offs to my repertoire.

(sigh . . . )


1 comment:

melissa c said...

That is pretty funny about the 2 foot drop off thing.

I did something similar at my in laws. I back up over a small boulder and then couldn't get off!

Yea, that was embarrassing too!

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