Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Round of Random Pictures

I hope I haven't already posted these photos on the blog before. Actually, I think I'll look through the blog after I get done with this post and see where I actually do have photos posted. Then it should be easy to check for duplicates in the future.

Anyway, these first two photos were taken at Christmas time a year or two ago. In the first one my dad is explaining something to two of my brothers. In the second, he is working on something electrical, while Brother No. 3 looks on and learns. (Brother No. 1 is already hard at work, doing I'm-not-sure-what).

This next photo I thought was cute, because it shows my niece's love of "holding the train". You might remember the picture of all the nieces holding my train at my wedding. Well, this is where it all started. This is the wedding of Brother No. 4 and his wife, which took place just over two years ago. (I think)

Next is one that I just thought was funny. I mean, "Sanitary Dry Cleaning"? What other kind is there? It was taken in Pikeville, Kentucky, on a trip I took there a couple of years ago.

And lastly is a picture of good old Cache Valley. If you look off in the distance you can see the "A" on Utah State University's Old Main Hill.

And that's it for today folks!


scullery maid said...

I remember getting a pretty good laugh at that signs expense. Good Times.

Dishboy said...

It should be noted that when you say brother number 1 you mean the eldest brother and not the #1 brother that, of course, would be me.

Peterology said...


I have been reading and loving your blog. When I heard from Heidi the other day she mentioned your blog. Wow! Alot has happened over these last few years. It seems like just a couple, but I realized that it is more like 10 or so. Yikes! Charlotte Cantwell-huh. So, is he from Logan? I used to be friends with Amy Cantwell and her mom Beverly. Any relation? I love your blog! You are as inspiring and entertaining as ever. -Jodi

Charlotte said...


Amy is Eric's sister, which would make Beverly his mom! Small world. Actually, Amy has a blog as well. You can link to it from my blog (under the friends and family section)--it's the one labeled "The Greenways".

How fun to hear from you!

melissa c said...

good pics. I forgot how beautiful it was. Now there are too many people!

amy greenway said...

Jodi? Jodi is that you?! You cute woman how are you? Where are you? CRAZY what old connections a new (and fabulous) sister-in-law can create. So fun!

Charlotte-sorry for using your blog for personal matters. :)


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