Monday, April 09, 2007

a whole bunch of random stuff

Right now I'm listening to a track from my "Tales of Hoffman" CD. It's loaded in my computer, along with a whole bunch of other music, and so it comes up in the random mix from time to time. I've gotten so that I can recognize it and distinguish it from the other opera that comes up. Not a great feat, when you realize that "Hoffman" was written by Offenbach, and the vast majority of my other opera collection was written by Puccini, and that the two have almost nothing in common when it comes to writing and composing styles. But still, I'm pleased with myself.

My insurance agent is retiring and turning the business over to his son. I just got a letter on Friday telling me this. It's not a big deal of course, but it's kind of a bummer. This is a man who has known me for going on 10 years now. I put my insurance with him because he kind of "adopted me" during my first year at school here. (Eric is always teasing me about how I have a tendency to "collect" fathers wherever I go. He should be grateful. Those fathers come in handy time after time after time.) Anyway, last July when I accidentally ran my car through a big bakery window (a story for another time), I can't tell you how nice it was to be able to call him and tell him what had happened, and have him take care of everything from an insurance standpoint.

I went walking past the "Lions in the Driveway" house again on Saturday (and this time I had my camera), but guess what? The lions are gone! I don't know where they went. The suspense is killing me.

I just found that my friend Harmony has a blog. That makes three of my friends who have started blogging in the past month. How fun. The other two friends--for those of you who are interested--are Jeri (a/k/a Jennalyce on this blog) and Heidi (a/k/a Henrietta on this blog). Harmony has no pseudonym here on this blog. Don't ask me why.

And the final thing is that Eric gave me a little Easter/pre-wedding present on Saturday night. check these out! Talk about random, quirky, and just plain fun!


Harmony said...

Jeff says with a name like Harmony, why do I need a pseudonym. I'm not sure how to take that...

Jeri said...

The Lions are gone???? You totally need to find out what's going on here. (Or give me the address and I'll knock on their door and ask while I'm up there this weekend. Tim would DIE of embarrassment, but I think I could take it...)

Charlotte said...

Jeri--I'll see what I can do about the address. Maybe I'll remember to write it down when I go home for lunch.

Harmony--A few weeks ago, when I was on route to the "bachelorette weekend" in Salt Lake, we got on the subject of my grandmother. I was telling the story about how she (Iris) had a friend named Torma, who had a friend named Inez (or Elma, I can't remember which one it was). Inez (or Elma) had a brother named Elwood, and Elwood was a widower. So, Torma and Elma set up Iris and Elwood. About half way through the story, my friend Camilla exclaimed, "Charlotte! These are blog names, aren't they?"

But they totally WEREN'T.

(I love your name! It's unique and beautiful, and I could see me using it as a blog name, because that's the kind I like)

melissa c said...

I LOVE your slippers! I know the house you mean. I can't believe the Lions would disappear like that but they were very coveted after all!

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