Wednesday, April 18, 2007

We're back!

This will be quick, but I just wanted to write a little post and say that Eric and I are back from our honeymoon-ette. We'll take our real honeymoon in a few weeks.

The wedding was WONDERFUL.

The reception was great. I was able to see more people that I ever thought I would see. At times the line seemed that it would never end, and I felt badly for all the people that had to wait so long, with only the thrill of being able to see us as the reward for all their patience. But, it was SO fun to see so many friends and family and share the joy.

The wedding was probably the very best 30-45 minutes of my entire life so far. I can't even express what a fulfilling, thrilling, peaceful, joyful thing it was to enter the sealing room and see ALL my brothers and sisters, ALL Eric's brothers and sisters, ALL of our parents, and nearly all of our aunts and uncles as well as many of our friends there, waiting to witness our sealing. My Uncle Bud (really his name is George--I don't know why we call him Bud) performed the sealing and it was just beautiful. I cried much more than I had planned on crying.

After the wedding we took pictures and then went to the luncheon. It was great too.

After the luncheon, Eric and I took off for the honeymoon-ette in Salt Lake. We played around for about three days down there, and mainly just relaxed. We were able to go to church in the Salt Lake 8th ward, in an old building across from the Salt Lake library. Other than that, we pretty much just did whatever we wanted, when we wanted. It was wonderful.

We arrived back home on Monday afternoon, and spent most of Tuesday settling in and opening present after present after present! It was a dream!

And that's about it. I'll post a picture that one of my friends e-mailed me today (she took it with her cell phone). I've got to run, because I'm late for a lunch date--but I'll write more later, and I'll definitely post more pictures later--once I have more pictures to post that is.



Bamamoma said...

Charlotte, you look absolutely beautiful! Love the hair. Can't wait to chat. Think you guys are awesome.

melissa c said...

CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful! I loved seeing you! I can't wait until we can all get together.

You look beautiful! I love you!

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