Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mr. Bonzo Beware

So, I was thinking about what I might write today, and I got thinking about how I would probably start the entry by saying something like, "So, I was blah, blah, blah", almost as if my dear readers had dropped in on the middle of a conversation.

And then I got thinking about how that really isn't very good English, and how my dear Mr. Bonzo (the most demanding English teacher the whole world has ever known) would have ripped me to shreds if he had ever read anything along these lines written by me.

And then I got thinking that this is actually being posted on the world wide web, and man do I ever hope that he never ever stumbles upon it.

So, let's just keep this little blog between us, shall we?

To update you on some of the events alluded to in past posts:

  • I lost dishboy's tournament challenge. I can't believe it! I came in dead last! Actually, I tied for dead last with my brother Mark. But still. In the three years that I've participated, this is by far the worst I've ever done. Terrible!

  • I'm still battling Microsoft Office 2007. I'm getting used to some of the quirks, but all the while discovering others. How I long for the good old days of Office 2000.

  • I still haven't figured out what the deal is with the lions in the driveway. I also haven't remembered to take a picture yet either.

  • And finally, I haven't had the heart (or the time) to tune into American Idol since my dear Chris was voted off. I did receive many heartfelt condolences however. These have been deeply appreciated.

And I suppose that's enough for today.

Oh-except for one thing:

Yesterday, my passenger-side rear tire blew out as I was making a five-minute drive to my piano lesson. That's never happened to me before. A year ago, that would have been a traumatic event, since I'm about as handy as a rock when it comes to cars. But, as it was, I called Eric at work, and he came out and changed it for me. It was as easy as pie (for me) and the absolute opposite of traumatic.

I could get used to this.



Jeri said...

Aren't men wonderful! As Dr. Laura would say - women talk, men do; and Eric just "said" a great big "I LOVE YOU."

You are a lucky gal...

Bamamoma said...

ahh, gone are those days when we would grumble, "if I only had a man to do this kind of stuff, it wouldn't be so traumatic!" Nice to know we were right about that one!

Did I tell you I picked FL to win (thanks to NPR's tip) and therefore won the family bragging rights!

Harmony said...

Mr. Bonzo will never get your blog address from me. :-)

Thanks for the wedding announcement and the extra effort to get it to us. Wish we could be there next week, but we're happy for you anyway.

Dishboy said...

Had I read this post when it was first posted I might have told Mr Bonzo about it when I saw him the other day, but you are safe.

Ironically when we had serious car problems with the Probe (the kind you can't take care of yourself unless you are a mechanic) Melissa took care of all the logistics and I was happy to have a woman around.

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