Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Warning--Some of the images posted may not be appropriate for children (as in, they could be kind of scary!)

So, back when Eric and I were dating and I started hanging out at his apartment, I noticed a particular figure that he had displayed quite prominently in one of the common areas. I hunted around the Internet and found that its proper name is "Horrorclix Cthulhu". It's creepy looking, as you will soon see.

Well, soon Eric and I took to calling this hideous creature "Higgins". Once he had such a safe, cuddly name, it was easier for me to see him as the misunderstood, deformed, kind-hearted creature that Eric told me that he was, rather than the hideous, violent, repulsive figure that he really appears to be.

So, when Eric moved his things over to our house, Higgins came along. Eric situated him on the piano, and I told him that he could stay there for a minute or two, but that there was no way that Higgins (kind-hearted or not) was going to have a permanent residence in the living room of our little love nest.

As a joke, I moved him into the guest bathroom a day later, and hung an extra roll of toilet paper on his arm, turning him into a butler of sorts (and really, doesn't the name "Higgins" scream "I am your butler"?). But, we (one part of "we" more than the other part) determined that having a monster in ones guest bathroom is probably not a great thing to have, particularly if one has young nieces and nephews who come over to visit periodically, which we do.

So, Higgins has found a new home. He's still in the living room, much to my surprise. We'll see how long this lasts.
(Now, tell me that I'm not willing to compromise!)


Jeff said...

come on, Charlotte, a guy has to have his troll! I seem to remember a giant buffalo head in your dad's entry way. Of course, Harmony won't let me hang my planes from the living room ceiling, either.

amy greenway said...

That poor Willow Tree figurine could never have known her fate. I'm telling you, the only thing predictable about Eric is that he is random.

melissa c said...

you are a loving wife! I can guarantee that Higgins will not last long.

When you become more used to each other, I bet you will just say one day. NO! I want it out!

one thing Eric needs to remember is that women gain self esteem from their homes and how they are decorated and how clean they are.

Men get theirs from providing for their families and success at their jobs.

I am putting my money on you winning this silent battle! *smile*

Charlotte said...

Actually, it's not a battle (silent or verbal) at this point. We'll see if it becomes one later. I actually think it's pretty funny, and I get a kick out of thinking of what our guests (who don't know us well enough to know our senses of humor) will be thinking and saying as they leave our home. My new RS President is coming over tonight to meet me while Eric is in class. I get a little sense of secret glee as I think of her trying to reconcile sweet Charlotte and kind Eric with Hideous Higgins in the living room.

Maybe it's a Corry/Willis woman thing--Jeff is right--for years and years my mom allowed my dad to hang a big old Buffalo Head in the entry way of our home. It was eventually joined by a large elk and an antelope. Now they are up at the cabin--but for years and years she didn't seem to care enough to make it an issue.

So, Higgins may be there for a while. We'll see.

(One thing in Higgins' favor is that Eric keeps promising me that the little monster is going to have presents for me one day--and you know what a kid I am about presents!)

Jeri said...

my question is this: how did Higgins manage to keep out of the "it's a good thing he can't read my mind" song?

I'm of the mind that you have to have the attitude of "it is OUR home" - and Higgins is a great name for a very interesting conversation piece.

another question - in looking close up - are those bullet holes going down his chest and stomach, or did he just poke himself with his lovely nails? (I wish I could get my nails to grow that long!)

PS - do you remember the time I went into that one bedroom (I think I was hiding for some reason...) and I turned around to find myself face to face with that big mounted elk head? scared me to death. I still have the picture of me snuggling with that elk... fun fun

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