Monday, April 23, 2007

A few more wedding pictures

This will be kind of a quick post, but here are some wedding pictures, courtesy of my Uncle Warren and Aunt Lou Jean. You can see more on their smugmug site.

The first two are pictures of me and Eric with his family and my family, respectively. Fun, huh? Some things that I love--in the first one how Joseph is yanking on his ear. In the second one, I like how the two girls are holding my bouquet in the front. (Marian and Kaylee really got into the whole bride/princess thing). You'll also notice that Spencer is crying. That's because a fly landed on him. Spencer has some kind of phobia about flies.

The next one is a shot of some of my nieces (and one nephew) with the train of my dress. They really enjoyed holding that up and making sure it didn't drag on the floor.

Below is another "dress train" shot.

And then, this is our fabulous wedding cake! Isn't it beautiful? Those are chocolate-dipped strawberries on top. If you haven't heard the infamous story of me and the chocolate dipped strawberries, I'll have to tell you sometime. It's kind of along the lines of the "hypothermia" experience that I had earlier this year.

And that's probably all I have time for today.

Hasta pasta,



Dishboy said...

Spencer was also crying because shortly after the wedding train picture he was told by one of his cousins that boys are not allowed to hold wedding trains. Poor kid his dad won't let him play with dolls (luckily he's a fan of manly things now like guns and knives), and his cousins won't let him hold wedding trains.

Charlotte said...

The fact that Spencer is holding the train is one of my very favorite things about that picture. Don't you dare make him too manly. He's adorable just the way he is!


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