Monday, April 02, 2007

a bed, general conference, a bit of panic and even more peace

It was a nice weekend. Friday Eric called to let me know that he and his father had moved our new bed into the town home. It looks great, it makes for terribly comfortable sleeping, and I love it. It's also quite high. I have this childhood memory of my mother and father saying their evening prayers together, kneeling on opposite sides of the bed, holding hands. Isn't that a lovely image?

As lovely as it is, I'm afraid that it is one that my children will have to do without. Eric and I would have to have arms like octopuses in order to be able to hold hands across our bed. We would probably also need to have extra long upper-bodies, which is something that neither of us have.

Saturday Eric and I watched conference together at the home of his parents, and then in the evening I went for a walk (and talk) with Bonita Juanita, while Eric attended the priesthood session with his dad.

Sunday Eric and I watched conference together again at the home of his parents. In between sessions, we watched Trading Spaces on television, which I really enjoyed. (that makes it sound like I didn't enjoy conference, doesn't it? Silly Charlotte. For the record, I did enjoy conference. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I enjoyed it possibly more than I have for years) After the last session, Eric took a nap, while I watched a movie on TV and worked on the afghan for Henrietta's baby. Later we took a walk around the neighborhood together, which was nice.

And that was the weekend. This morning I woke up to the realization that within two weeks my (our) wedding will be over and my (our) marriage will have begun. I had a brief moment of near panic at that realization, but it was quickly replaced by a sense of peace when I remembered exactly who will be joining me in this marriage. It's all good.

(I tried to make this post on the non-sappy side. I did pretty good until that last paragraph, don't you think?)



melissa c said...

Oh my darling! I love your posts! Bry and I pray on the same side of our bed as ours to very big, high and wide too! When we kneel, the top of our matress is about at my shoulders! Sometimes it is easier to just kneel on the bed!

Yes, yes, time is flying and pretty soon, it will be all a dream. Enjoy every moment. I wish I could relieve my day over and over, it was so good.

Bamamoma said...

Same side of the bed - side-by-side holding hands (and arms if you are still newlyweds) is pretty darn wonderful and will create a fabulous memory for your children!

Congrats on becoming the owner of a grown-up bed. :)


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