Friday, March 23, 2007

updates and pics

I have yet another random assortment of photos for you all again today. This assortment is unique in that there are people in every single photograph. You just never know what you're going to get, do you?

First--an update:

We were able to get 125 new announcements printed, and these announcements have the added bonus of having the names of both Eric's and my parents listed. Nice. Last night I went out to Eric's parent's house and we spent the evening entering addresses in the computer, printing labels, looking at pictures, and choosing what clothing we should wear to the various events having to do with the wedding. (which will take place three weeks from tomorrow! Yippee!)

So, although I still wish it wouldn't have happened the way it did, and there still are 800 incomplete announcements out there, the fact is that things turned out about as good as they probably could have, and so I'm grateful.

As to my place in dishboy's NCAA tournament challenge, I've slipped from being tied for second to being tied for fourth. I'm now tied with my brother Robert, and trailing my sister-in-law Maegan, dishboy's friend Justin, and the guy that I don't know. I'm ahead of dishboy, scullery maid, my brothers Mark & Doug, my cousin Tim, and dishboy's friend Kade. I'm thinking that I will probably slip even lower before we're through though, because, as you might remember, I picked Maryland to lose to Georgetown in the final, and Maryland didn't even survive their second game. Hopefully I'll do better next year.

And with all that writing, I think I'd just better briefly talk about these pictures. The one above is of my niece and nephew. How cute are they?

This one to the right is Bonita Juanita reading "The Lorax" to my nephew. It was taken over a year ago, on a trip we made out there together.

This one is me and Tayneshia eating craw fish in the home of one of Tayneshia's aunts a few years ago. (It was my first time eating craw fish)

And this is me, sitting on a rock in the Bahamas in November of 2005.

And I think that's enough for now.

1 comment:

melissa c said...

I am so envious of all the trips you have taken! What a full life you have had!

I'm planning on coming to your shower tomorrow! I am very excited to see you!

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