Tuesday, March 06, 2007

a little bad, but mostly good

Some not-as-good things in my life at the moment:

  • I have a piano lesson today and I've only practiced one time all week. I hate it when I do that.
  • I tried to send the funniest home video ever to my siblings, but the file is too big, and so I'm going to have to post it on youtube instead.
  • I've gained back two of the four "fit-into-the-wedding-dress-beautifully" pounds that I lost.

Some really really good things in my life at the moment:

  • We were able to look at the proofs for our engagement pictures last night. They turned out really really good, and we went ahead and ordered our announcements. So, that ball is officially rolling now. Yippee!
  • Tonight I'm going to the temple with Dorothea. I grew up in an area where I had to travel about an hour to get to a temple. Now, it's just a matter of a 5 minute drive.
  • Saturday one of my aunties hosted a bridal shower for me. Many of my aunts and cousins came, as well as my mom and one of my sisters-in-law. In addition, many of Eric's aunts and cousins came, as well as his mother and one of his sisters-in-law. Everyone laughed and chatted, and it was really just a great great time.
  • It's starting to warm up outside. This morning I went running and I didn't even have to wear my ear band.
  • The weekend bachelorette party (see here for the explanation of that) is scheduled to take place in less than four days!
  • My initials are not going to change much once I get married, because both my maiden name and my married name will begin with the letter "C".
And I think that's enough for today.


Jeri said...

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

melissa c said...

Your pictures look so good. I love the black and white with the roses. You look beautiful!

Dishboy said...

The pictures look really nice Char. I'm excited to see the rest of them next month.

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