Friday, March 02, 2007

endings and beginnings

Well, not too much is going on at the moment. My mom is in town, and so we've been playing and chatting, and all of that, which has been nice. Tonight Eric's parents are coming over for dinner, and then tomorrow is the big family bridal shower. Presents! Yippee!

Last night we had our Relief Society Birthday party. It was the last enrichment meeting that I will be attending before I get married and leave my ward. I've been attending a singles ward for nearly three years now, and somewhat to my surprise, I have really enjoyed it there. For the last 15 months or so, I've been serving as the enrichment counselor in the Relief Society Presidency. In some ways that has been a bit of a stretch for me, but mostly it has been a calling that I have really loved.

So, I went to the meeting last night, knowing that it would be the last time I would have to be in on the organization and set-up and clean-up of one of those meetings, and feeling a fair amount of glee about that little fact. We had a dinner (Stouffer's lasagna with garlic bread and green salad) and a really great musical program. (I had almost nothing to do with the musical program, which is why I can say that it was really great without being conceited) As I was listening to one of the songs, I looked into the faces of some of the singers and some of the other women in the room, and I started thinking about how much I'm going to miss seeing them every week, and working with them. At one point, it was all I could do not to start crying. What good memories I have made with these dear women.

So, it was a bittersweet evening. That's kind of how life goes sometimes, isn't it? Aren't we lucky to be able to experience so much?

*If you are not familiar with the term "enrichment meeting" or "relief society", and would like a little more information, you can go here and here .

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melissa c said...

It really is sad when a chapter in our lives is over. So often we want things to stay the same and yet what is coming is going to be so much better.

I sure hope I can renew those old friendships someday. Hopefully is this life!

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