Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dang it!!

So, you remember that movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Do you remember the scene where they are sitting around the table in Toula's house, talking about their announcement, and Toula's mom says that they don't need to worry about the wedding announcements because she's taken care of them? And then she goes to the kitchen cupboard, and brings out these hideous blue and white announcements, much to Toula's dismay? And then, John Corbett's character casually brings out the point that his parents are listed on the announcement at Rodney and Harry, instead of their names, which are Rodney and Harriet?

Well, at least their names were ON the announcements.

Yes, it is true. If you look at our wedding announcement, it features two beautiful pictures of Eric and I, and a lovely scene of a waterfall with pretty icicles and lovely roses and rose petals. And then, if you look closely, you may notice that while my parents are listed quite prominently in the wording, Eric's parents are strangely missing, almost as if Eric is some motherless child or something.

I discovered this little fact yesterday, exactly four days after I had sent out over 800 of these beautiful pieces of paper. I'm a little bit more philosophical about it all now, but I was terribly upset about it yesterday and this morning. The thing is, it's totally my fault. I'm pretty sure that when I gave the wording to the printer, Eric's parents names were there. However, I'm also reasonably sure that when I looked at the proof of the announcement, they weren't. I can't believe that I didn't notice that, but the fact is that I didn't. I feel awful. I adore Eric's parents. I really can't imagine a better family for me to marry into, and I feel just terrible about this mistake.

As soon as the mistake was pointed out to me (by Dorothea who called to question why we had chosen not to list them), I called Eric's parents and spoke to his dad. I told him how sorry I was about it, and he just laughed and told me if I was going to call them, that I should at least be talking to them about something important and nothing silly like this. Then Eric came over and I pointed it all out to him. He smiled, hugged me, wiped the tears off my face, and told me that he didn't care and that he knew his parents wouldn't care either. He told me that there are many worse things, and this wasn't nearly as big of a deal as I was making it. Then he hugged me some more, and we went for a walk in the canyon and to visit our friend Lillian (who will at some point need a blog entry all her own, because she is a character! She has a dog, a cat, three birds, 5 spiders, a turtle, 4 cockroaches, a snake, and who knows what else, all in a two bedroom apartment!)

In thinking about it all, I'm still bummed. I loved those announcements. I thought they were so pretty, and Eric looks so handsome in them. But now, the main thing I'll remember about them is my stupid mistake with them. Rats.

But, there are many things to be grateful in this whole situation. I'm lucky that my parents-to-be are so down-to-earth and good-natured. I'm lucky that if there was going to be a mistake that it wasn't something like a wrong date or a wrong address. I'm lucky to be getting married to such a great guy in the first place. I'm lucky that we're both healthy and happy and that all the things that were going for us a week ago are still going for us today. I'm lucky that we both have jobs, and that we have a place to live, and that we are less than four weeks away from our glorious wedding day.

So really, all in all, I'm quite a lucky girl.


Jeri said...

What a bummer! Easy to see why you overlooked the names tho - the invites are beautiful! It's just so easy to gloss over the 'details' when the over all thing is so fun to be looking at.

Sounds like the husband-to-be and in-laws-to-be are wonderful! They recognize that they get to have you in their family - what else could POSSIBLY matter?
(I love the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Tim and I often laugh about how my family is totally like the greek family (big, boistrous, sticking nose into each others business, telling everyone what to do, always getting together for crazy parties, etc... and his family is the small, quiet, mind your own business, sit around and watch tv together side...)

It's all good.

Can't wait to meet Eric and see you in a couple weeks! Love you!

Charlotte said...

Well, here's an update:

In a lovely case of luck, Eric's parents haven't sent out their copies of the announcement yet. So, we're going to go ahead and have about 100 more printed, which will include their names, and we will send those out, hopefully in Friday's mail.


Dishboy said...

Ironically I could see how the fact that they haven't yet sent their invitations could be a little stressfull for a bride-to-be, but in this case it turns out to be a lifesaver.

melissa c said...

I laughed out loud!I love the way you write! You should be a writer because you make life so fun!

I love the Greek Wedding movie. I feel like it's my family too.

This will be something you look back on and laugh about. It really will.

John said...


Charlotte said...

800. A bit embarrassing, huh?

I'm from a relatively small town (about 24,000 people). My father is the longest practicing family doctor there, and my mother ended up being a bit of a local polician. In addition, I have a huge family, and we keep in touch to the 3rd and 4th generation. All that adds up to about 800 announcements.

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