Thursday, February 08, 2007


So, life is going well for me at the moment. I have a recent (kind of funny but nothing compared to the hypothermia-frostbite experience) running story to share.

A bit ago, I was out for my morning run (which we all know really isn't a run at all, but thanks for humoring me). I was listening to my mp3 player, as is my custom, and frankly is the only thing that gets me out on the road some mornings. I have a rule about the mp3 player. I'm only allowed to listen to it when I'm exercising or cleaning. That makes it kind of a special thing, a "treat" if you will. Being able to have this treat gives me more motivation to do these activities, activities which otherwise aren't all the enjoyable to me.

Anyway, this particular day, I was running past a bunch of cows and calves in a field on the side of the road. They all stopped what they were doing (eating, of course), so that they could stare me down as I passed. It wouldn't be that funny of a story unless you happened to be hearing the song that I was hearing at that precise moment.

What was that song?

I'll tell you. It was a U2 song, entitled "Hallelujah". You can read the lyrics at the website below. As I was walking by the cows, the part of the song that was playing was the one that says "here she comes" a few times in succession.

Maybe it's one of those things for which you had to be there (and I was the only one there, so it's probably my own private joke), but the quirkiness of me strolling by a bunch of cows in my sweats and tennies, them staring at me like I was from outer space, and U2 blaring about "Hallelujah, here she comes, dressed to kill, etc." just struck me so funny that I had to stop right there and have a little private giggle.

hee, hee, hee.



melissa c said...

That is too funny. Little things that tend to tickle me too. Sometimes you just have to laugh at life.

chronicler said...

Hi Charlotte, meeting you through Melissa c. I will stop back by. I lov eyour idea with the mp3 player. Maybe that's what I should do to motivate myself!

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