Monday, February 26, 2007

Serendipity Again

So, Eric and I were supposed to have our engagement pictures taken last Friday. However, we did not. The new plan is that we will have them this Friday. You may think that we postponed them because of Eric's little accident a week ago, but that is not actually the case, technically at least.

Eric and I had decided that we'd go ahead with the pictures as planned, and just rely on Maybelleine and Photoshop to take care of any unsightly wounds that might show up on film. We were both a little bit apprehensive about this decision, but we went with it anyway, deciding that it was important that we started the whole "announcement" process rolling.

However, last Wednesday or so, I noticed that a storm was brewing, and that if all went as forecasted, we would be taking our engagement pictures with snow falling all around us, not to mention on top of us. I called our photographer (who's work you can see at the following site: and she recommended that we reschedule. So, we did. (the picture shown below was taken back in July, at the site where we are planning to go for our little photo shoot)

In a lucky turn of events, Eric's wounds, (which were looking pretty burly when the stitches were in as well as for about 12 hours after I took them out), are now looking quite minimal. Chances are, we won't need Maybelleine OR Photoshop (well, not for Eric anyway. For myself, I have a birthmark on my right cheek that I try to keep "foundationed" whenever possible) . I keep thinking about how I would be kicking myself today if we had gone ahead and taken pictures on Friday, just to meet our pre-arranged schedule. Whew!

Of course, the forecast is predicting a 50% chance of snow this Friday, so we may have to be flexible again. But, it will all work out. As my dad told me earlier in the week, "You're getting married. What else matters?" When I consider the man that I am marrying, and how I feel about him, I have to say, not very much.

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