Tuesday, February 06, 2007


So, my parents came up last weekend so that they could meet Eric's parents. The meeting went really well. I think that both sets of parents were quite comfortable with the other set. I suppose that only makes sense, considering that I get along great with Eric's family, and Eric gets along great with mine. But, still it's nice to have had the experience and to have had it go well.

In an added bonus, my parents brought up presents, each playing to some of their best talents. My mother, who is a class-act seamstress, brought up the wedding dress I will wear, as well as my veil, a quilt, some table-toppers which will be used at our reception, and a cover for the queen size comforter that I bought back in 1997 (and have been storing ever since). She sewed all of these things, except for the dress. The veil is BEAUTIFUL! I was so excited about it all that I tried the whole outfit on the next morning, just to see how it would all look and to figure out what jewelry I wanted to wear. It was kind of tough maneuvering all that gear all by myself, but I managed. Good good times. I could stand to lose about 5 pounds if I want the dress to fit absolutely perfectly though. So, hopefully I'll have some success there. I have a hard time losing weight when I want to. Often when I'm not trying to lose weight, I just magically will. Weird.

As for my dad, he brought up what will be the frame for our bed when Eric and I get around to getting a mattress set. Isn't it beautiful? In addition to being a family physician and cross-country coach, my papa is growing into a pretty fair carpenter. The wood for the bed came from the land up by the family cabin, and he put it all together in the shop he has up there.
I didn't want to bother with having to set up (or having Eric set up) the bed later, so I asked my father to set it all up around my old twin bed while he was here. So, it's been kind of fun to have it there. We should probably get around to getting the other mattress sooner rather than later, as I have nearly tripped 2-3 times now.
And that's it for today. You may have noticed that it's been awhile between this post and the last one. All I can say about that is that life has been a bit busy lately. Busy but good.
ps-I don't know what the deal is with the paragraphs here. For some reason, I can't get blogger to give me a blank line between those last few paragraphs. Oh well.

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Jeri said...

VERY NICE! Your dad never ceases to amaze! My guess is that the things your mom made are equally beautiful... everyone in your family are the type to do things wonderfully and all the way - or not at all!

take care now, and don't break your leg tripping on the extra bed frame. You don't want a big ole' cast in your engagement photos:)

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