Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Forty-Seventh Post Ever

Back again, and it's only been one day? That must be a record.

Things are good with me. Yesterday I had a good day at work, and then I had a good evening as well. I taught two voice lessons, went to the Rec. Center and Wal-Mart with Eric, and when I checked the mail, there wasn't a single bill there! There were quite a few mailers from different vendors that had participated in the Bridal Faire that I attended a few weeks ago, and since I have most of that stuff already picked out and purchased, it's a little annoying to get all that mail. But, it could be worse.

Tonight I'm going visiting teaching and then I have the rest of the evening to putter around, catching up on things. Heck, I might even mop my kitchen floor. It's been at least a month, maybe more. My mom is coming up in one week (partially to do some work-related things, partially to see me and get some wedding stuff done, partially to attend the family bridal shower that we're having on the 3rd), so I really should try to get my place in a more "guest-appropriate" state.



Jeri said...

I cannot even IMAGINE a floor that could go a whole month without being mopped! that is my idea of HEAVEN! With my cat, dog and 3 kids that spill everything they touch and who love to 'LIVE' outside (sun, rain, snow or mud) I mop my floor every morning (unless I'm rebelling) and by lunchtime - dinner time for SURE) it's sticky and covered with dirt, sand, and footprints. I just keep telling myself that the day will come when the kids will be gone and I'll be fonding wishing my floor was covered with little muddy footprints. (I'm not 100% convinced that this is true, but I keep telling myself that it is to give myself hope.)

melissa c said...

I live in denial about my kitchen floor. I know it is a mess but pretend it isn't.

It is fun to have everything fall into place with the wedding. Showers are so fun! Enjoy!

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