Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a fairly eventful few days

So things are good. I got a new computer for work last week, and yesterday our technical genius came to set it up. What was supposed to be a 2-hour job turned into a 5-hour job, mainly because I have WAY more data on my computer than I had previously realized. But, its all set up now, which is nice. I'm still in that "trying to get used to the new things" stage, (which incidentally I hate), but I'm sure it will all work out.

On Saturday we had a bit of drama. Eric and went down to Salt Lake to meet up with some of my family. My sister and her family came over from Colorado, and so Eric was able to meet them for the first time. That was fun. What wasn't all that fun was what happened next. We went ice skating together. I love to ice skate, even though I am horrible at it. Eric likes to ice skate, and is quite good. Unfortunately, within about 20 minutes of us being at the rink, Eric took a chance fall-face forward. He hit hard, (but wasn't knocked out thankfully), and got two big ole cuts above his eye. They were so big that they eventually needed 12 stitches to get him put back together!

Luckily, my father (who is a doctor) had also come to town to join us for our weekend fun. So, rather than spending the afternoon in and emergency room somewhere, we just went back to my brothers' house, and Eric was stitched up on the kitchen table. Whew!

And that's the drama! Good times.

With that, I'd better get back to it.



Dishboy said...

So did he let Mark do any of the stitching?

Dishboy said...

So did he let Mark do any of the stitching?

Scullery Maid (aka dishboy's wife) said...

Are the stitches coming out before the engagement photos?

Charlotte said...

He would have been fine to let Mark do the stitching. I however, was not. (Being as how it was on his eye and all). I'll e-mail you guys a picture of Eric and Mark. So, dad did the stitching and Mark held the lamp.

The stitches are supposed to come out on Friday morning. Guess who's going to be taking those out? (me) But, it's supposed to snow on Friday, and our pictures are outside. So we may have to reschedule anyway. Who knows?

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