Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another Round of Random Pictures

This is a picture of the temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Denver. For about a year and a half or so now, whenever I am in the same city as a temple, I try to head over there and take a few pictures. I have a space on my wall at home where I have four different temple pictures of varying sizes, along with a quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley having to do with the blessings of temple attendance. The whole "temple wall" thing was actually a suggestion made over a year ago by my friend Theo. It was a good idea, and I'm glad he gave it to me.

A few Christmases ago, my siblings and I were kind of stumped as to what we should give my parents, specifically my mother, for Christmas. We finally came up with the idea that rather than buying anything, we would give a day of labor, fixing up her food storage room, and putting some shelving and other organizational structures in the garage. It was HARD HARD work, especially for someone who is as adverse to manual labor as I, but it was kind of fun as well.
This is a picture of that day. The picture is kind of small, so you might think that it is me, but it's actually my sister. In the process of fixing up the "fruit room", we decided to dispose of some of the bottled fruit that was 10+ years old (!!!!). So, one person would take the bottles from the fruit room to the bedroom next door, and then hand them to the person outside the window (my sister, in this case). Then that person would open the bottle, pour the fruit into a large bucket, which was then taken to the compost pile in the backyard.
And then this is a picture taken on a trip I took to Grand Junction awhile back. That's the hand (and sandal-clad food) of one of my six nieces.

And I think that's probably enough for now.

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melissa c said...

Cute pictures! I somehow lost your blog site on my blog! Sorry ! I will put it back right now!

I think you should do this triathlon with Jeri and me!

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