Monday, January 01, 2007

Ringing in the New Year

I'm writing this from my parent's kitchen in Southern Utah. Up until about two weeks ago, doing this would have been incredibly slow and frustrating, because up until then, my parents were still in the days of dial-up internet. Agony! But no more! Recently they upgraded to screaming fast broadband. Ecstasy! Heaven! Joy!

Of course, they still have this ergonomic keyboard, which while surely helping my wrists, is causing me fits as I try to type. Oh well.

Christmas was great, New Years was great, everything is great. We've been down at my parents since Thursday, and are heading back home in about an hour. Being here has been a real treat. We were able to get in some good laughs (lots and lots of laughs) play some games, read some stories, and just do some general hanging out. We watched Raising Arizona, and went bowling (I got a whopping 83), and played in the snow up at the cabin. Our New Years' Eve feast included crab legs, spare ribs, oreos, and all the creme soda I could drink. All indications are that my family adores Eric (especially 9-year old Kaylee, 3-year old MaKell, and almost-4-year old Spencer), and Eric is quite taken with my family. Nice.

In addition, while I was down here, I tried on the wedding dress that my sister wore for her wedding (back in 2000), and it fits perfectly and looks great. Hooray! One more wedding task that is now done.

And that pretty much sums up life at this point. I've been thinking about what New Years' Resolutions I might set, as I always try to set a few. My Resolutions for 2006 were:

1-Arrive at work on time
2-Read scriptures every day and exercise 5 times per week
3-Be more diligent about my thoughts, with the main focus being curtailing pessimism.

I did quite well at 2 & 3, and not so well at #1.

This year I'm probably going to have one resolution that deals with Yoga. For years I have practiced Yoga quite regularly, and found that the benefits were GREAT. But, since August or so, I've kind of fallen off the wagon. So, it's probably time to get back on. We'll see what other improvements I try to make.

And that's about all for now.



Harmony Packer said...

Hey Charlotte-is-the-best! First of all, CONGRATS on your engagement! Jeff and I are happy for you, and so are our parents. Thanks for including us in your quarterly update mailing list so we get all the news and laughs. Has anyone ever told you that you write like you talk? It's delightful!

I've been enjoying your blog too. Good luck with the yoga resolution. I think I'll join you in it. I took up yoga just this last year. A sister in our ward teaches it as an Enrichment activity--what a service! I love it, but I too fell off the wagon in November when I delivered a baby and two gallstones on the same day. A good excuse though, I think.

Happy New Year and happy wedding preparations!

melissa c said...

Is that the same cabin we all went to when we were in school? I have wonderful memories of that cabin! I melted my boot on the fire place there! So fun!

Congrats on the dress. One down. 10 million to go!

Charlotte said...


I have heard that I write like I talk. I'm glad you think it's a good thing, since I've tried to write more formally, with no success whatsoever.


The cabin is exactly the same one that we went to back in the SUU days. I still remember how we laughed that weekend.


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