Monday, January 15, 2007

Registries: tools & housewares

Well, what a weekend it was!

We've had our usual cold temperatures here lately--last night it got down to -4 degrees. That's not all that odd for January, but still, I don't like it much. Unfortunately, on Saturday, my furnace started having some trouble. Since I'm a first time home-owner, this development caused me more stress than it really should have. But, after three calls to my father, a "check-it-out" by Eric, a call to the heating/cooling specialists, and a $275 bill, we're back in warmth. It seems the flame sensor had a lot of carbon on it, which was making it so the burners wouldn't ignite. That was the cheap part of the problem. The more expensive part was that the combustion fan was going out. The replacement of that was $175. But, the bonus to that is that now I can watch TV and have the heat on, and still be able to hear the television. Apparently combustion fans that are on their last legs make quite a bit more noise than new combustion fans. So, we're all good.

In wedding news, Eric and I are registered. Get this: We are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond and Lowe's. There's a bit of a story here, which I will naturally tell you.

A couple of weeks ago, we were talking wedding stuff and Eric asked me if I thought we should register. I hadn't given it much thought, since I rarely use wedding registries for my own gift giving (the reasons for this would probably be good for another post). But, after talking about it for a bit, we decided to look into it.

A few days later, I was out on the north end of town, coincidentally where our "Bed, Bath, and Beyond" store is located. I decided to go in and just get some information about their wedding registry services. Fifteen minutes later, we were signed up with a registry. When I told Eric about the experience, he was pleased, but a little wistful about the fact that Bed Bath and Beyond doesn't have much of a tool selection (if by "not much of a tool section" we mean "no tool section whatsoever"). So, because I am a great wife-to-be, and because our kitchen and home are fairly well equipped at the moment, (although we will definitely be in need of some queen-size bedding soon)(actually-we'll definitely be in need of a queen-size bed soon, come to that), and because I realize that the more happy Eric is with his tool collection, the better equipped he will be to do my "handy-man" bidding, I did some investigating on the web, and signed us up for a registry at Lowe's as well.

And that's the story. I feel a little bit weird being registered, because really, the good wishes and love of our friends and family are far far more important to both Eric and I than any housewares or tools will ever be, obviously. Additionally, I'm sure we'll be happy with any presents we get, regardless of where they are bought or made or whatever. So, it seems weird to be registered. But, sometimes you do things that seem weird, just because it might be a good idea, ya know?

Actually, speaking of presents, I just like to unwrap them. I think it goes back to the "loving surprises" thing. It rarely matters to me what's inside the box, I just love to hear the sound of wrapping paper being ripped to shreds, especially if I'm the lucky person doing the ripping. I know this is kind of childish of me, and sometimes I try to hide it, but usually without much success. To be honest, presents are the main reason that I LOVE my birthday. It's kind of a bummer to get a year older, but the big consolation is that you get presents! AND, unlike Christmas, you don't have to worry about giving anyone presents, so it's a fairly stress-free event from that standpoint. What's not to like about that?

Okay though. As I look back over this entry, I can see that it's starting to get a little bit out of hand and jumping a bit too much from one tangent to another. So, it's probably time to put a stop to it all, and say goodbye for a few more days.

So, "goodbye for a few more days"


Dishboy said...

So you like the surprise and the unwrapping of the presents huh? You seem to have left out the fact that those two things don't usually coincide for you as the surprise generally comes sometime before the actual ripping of the wrapping paper when you secretly untape your presents to see what they are. You can't hide your past from me Char.

melissa c said...

Let me give my personal advice. Skip the queen size and go right on to the King.

I had a queen to begin with and now that we have our king, will NEVER go back! LOVE IT!

I'll be sure to head on over to bed,bath and beyond!

Jeri said...

I'm with Melissa on this one. We have a California King (Tim hates having his toes smushed by the tucked in top sheet and values the extra foot room - warning with Cal kings though - they are a tad bit hard to harder to buy sheets for - ie not readily available at the kmart walmart type store)

IF you go Queen - and IF you don't get enough sheets, and IF you don't mind second hand - I just re-organized my linen closet and realized how silly it is for me to be hanging onto 3 sets of queen sheets - "just in case". I just put them in my "need to find them a good home" box.

I think registering is great (although I didn't do it:) It gives people the option of getting you a gift from their imagination - or taking the easy way out and buying you something they know you actually want... (Plus if you get like me - it is EASIER to decide what to buy, and they wrap it for me... 2 big plusses in my harried run around life! (Yes, I am inherently LAZY!)

have a great day!

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