Wednesday, January 24, 2007

bone colored yarn

Well, I just entered the annual budget numbers into my accounting program. It doesn't take all that much brainpower to do, but it does take a fair amount of time, and so I'm glad to have that task over with for another year.

Tonight I have some Relief Society meetings, and then Tayneshia and I are going to watch American Idol while Eric studies for his math quiz. (Eric won't be studying in the same room or even the same house as us, as that might be a little distracting, don't you think?) I'm looking forward to this (AI, not not being able to be with Eric because he's studying for a math quiz). I love the "audition" portion of American Idol, although I do feel bad for some of those singers. That Simon (while generally honest) can be so mean!

As we watch I'll be working on a new afghan that I started this weekend. This one is for my own wedding. I figure that I've given wedding and baby afghans to many many of my friends and family over the years, and so I probably deserve to have one for my own wedding, right? Right. It's tan in color, using a fairly unique granny-square pattern. Actually, the name of the yarn is "bone", but I don't particularly care for the image that conjures up in my mind, so I'm calling it "tan".

And that's it for today.



Melissa said...

I am so excited for yet another season of American Idol. Did I ever tell you that I actually voted last year. Ah, now I can call myself a real fan!!

Jeri said...

I just thought of another random movie - Have you seen "Thoroughly Modern Millie." I LOVE it! (but you have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy it - I'm not sure Eric would 'love' it. Tim just thinks it weird.)

Here's what the back of the box says: "Not only is Thoroughly Modern Mille a zany romantic spoof of the Roaring Twenties, it's a musical that won an Oscar for Best Original Music Score! JULIE ANDREWS stars as Millie, an innocent country girl who comes to the big city in search of a husband. Along the way she becomes the secretary of the rich and famous Trevor Graydon (John Gavin), befriends the sweet Miss Dorothy (MARY TYLER MOORE), fights off white slaver Mrs. Meers (Beatrice Lillie) and hooks up with a lively paper clip salesman, Jimmy (James Fox). In the end it takes a rich and nutty jazz baby like Muzzy (CAROL CHANNING) to unravel all these complications, give a great party, and match up lovers."

It's rated G - and I laugh everytime I watch it. But boy - it would DEFINETLY fall into my definition of RANDOM!!!

Charlotte said...


I LOVE Thoroughly Modern Millie! I very much doubt Eric has seen it, so that may be the next on my list. (It's his turn to pick though, so it may be awhile. Saturday we watched "Sense and Sensibility"-in my opinion, the quirkiest of the Jane Austen movies)


I voted last year as well. Chris Daughtery was my first pick, and then Elliot Yamin. I was bummed when neither of them made it into the final.

melissa c said...

I'm addicted to Idol too. I just cringe at some of the things Simon says!

Some of those people who try out astound me! Did you see that girl last night that knew she couldn't sing but wanted to be the first American Idol to win who couldn't? Wierd people. That skinny kid who seemed flaming to me was on a another planet!

By the way, I never have received a famous Corry afghan. Just so ya know.

Charlotte said...

I've made my prediction. Kia (I can't remember her last name, but I think she was from New Jersey) is going to win it all. If she does, Tayneshia is going to pay me $100. If she doesn't, I'm not going to pay Tayneshia anything. Not bad odds if you ask me.

As to the afghan, I'll keep that in mind. I currently have two nephews, a niece, Henrietta's baby (who will basically be another niece for me), and a niece/nephew (we don't know yet) at various stages on their way to earth at the moment, and only one baby blanket made, so it may be a while.

If any of my family is reading this and trying to do the math with the people who are currently expecting, keep in mind that come April I'll be getting three new sisters-in-law and three new brothers-in-law.

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