Monday, January 22, 2007

What's your favorite random movie?

Another week begins!

This might be a bit on the short side, just because I don't have too much to report. No major catastrophes, real or imagined. No major news, joyful or tragic. It's just your basic, garden variety day. And that's a pretty good thing.

I spent the weekend doing some kind of low-key things. Friday night Eric and I continued our quest to find the most random movie of all time, by watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I'm pretty sure I'd never seen it before in it's entirety, but there were parts that seemed very very familiar. The Trojan Rabbit, for example. (Other contenders to date have been Napoleon Dynamite, Mystery Men, Time Bandits, and an edited version of Spinal Tap)

Saturday I spent part of the morning at the Rec Center with Eric. We didn't play racquetball because shortly before New Years' we left our rackets at the home of Eric's parents, and haven't made it out to pick them up yet. But, we did do some low-grade weight lifting, and had a quasi competition to see who could burn 120 calories on the elliptical machine first (I lost).

Saturday evening I had a girls' night out. It was Bonita Juanita's birthday, so seven of us went and had some pictures taken (Juanita's secret wish) at the J.C. Penney photo studio, and then out to eat at one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants. It was a lovely lovely evening, with lots of silliness and laughter. As we got talking about some of the fun things we'd done in the past few years (the trips to San Diego and Orlando, the camping out Camilla's backyard, the international dinners in each other's homes, etc., etc., etc.) we determined that we would need to do one more biggish thing before I get married in April. So, we're going to have a Bachelorette Weekend trip sometime in March.

Get this though: rather than let it all hang out and do the wild and crazy things that you might expect from a bachelorette weekend (albeit, not a bachelorette weekend featuring a bunch of Mormon girls), we're probably going to go down to Salt Lake City, and attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Broadcast, as well as see a movie on Temple Square on Joseph Smith. To learn more about the movie, you can click here:,8197,726-1-571,00.html.

And that's pretty much the weekend. Yesterday was basic. I ended up speaking in Sacrament Meeting, and although that was nerve-wracking, it went well.



Jeri said...

How about "The Princess Bride" I don't know your definition of a "random" movie - but in my brain's definition, Princess Bride would definitely fit!

melissa c said...

I've seen that movie. It is wonderful! My friend knows the guy who plays Joseph. He's her sister's brother in law.

Have fun, and us fat housewives will be thinkn' of ya!

I'm with jeri on Princess Bride. Or how about any Arnold movie? (as in Shwartenaegger sp?)

melissa c said...

By the way Jeri, since I know you will read this, you need to get a blog too. That would be so fun and I would love to visit it every day! Promise!

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