Monday, December 18, 2006

the weekend review

Not too much is going on at the moment. I had a lovely weekend though. Friday Eric was initiated into the wonderful world of making tamales. I make tamales every Christmas and take them to the people with whom I work. It works out well because people really seem to like them, AND I don't have to rack (or is it "wrack"?) my brain every year, trying to think of what little gift I should make/buy for each of them. Tamales aren't hard to make, but they are rather labor-intensive, which is why I try to make them with at least one other person helping. So, this year it was Eric's turn to help. If all goes as I plan, it will be Eric's turn pretty much every year from now on. We'll see I guess.

Saturday night Eric and I went to a concert with Tayneshia and Henrietta. Pedro (who, as you will remember is Henrietta's husband) is in an acappella singing group (you can learn more about them at, and we were all able to attend one of their many Christmas concerts together. It was hilarious.

And Sunday we traveled down to Utah County to attend my grandmother's 89th birthday celebration. Almost all my aunts and uncles were there, as well as more cousins than I've seen in quite a while. Nice.

And that's the weekend. So far the week looks good too.



melissa c said...

I've never made tomales. Sounds like a lot of work. My good friend's husband is in voice male. It's John Huff. Do you know which one he is? Tall, balding, light brown hair. Kinda cute.

Small world, isn't it? I have never seem him perform but I heard them on the radio. I need to get out more!

melissa c said...

Hey, I went to the site you have there on Voicemale and Jon Huff is the one on the end kneeling. cute, cute, cute.

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