Friday, November 10, 2006

You would think it was MY wedding or something!

All is well here.

For a brief moment this week, I was concerned that I had contracted infectious mononucleosis, but I got a good night's sleep both Wednesday night and last night, and now I'm feeling fine again. So, the hypochondriac in me can go back to dormancy.

Speaking of hypochondrism, and other mental challenges, I have to write a bit about the struggles I've been having regarding the wedding of Dorothea.

First, a few words:

Dorothea has been one of my best friends for a few years now. We've been there for eachother through good times and hard times and crazy times and everything in between. When my cousin took his life last Thanksgiving and I was bawling in the middle of the night, I called Dorothea for comfort. I didn't know it at the time, but she had also had an uncle take his life, and so she was very well equipped to comfort and help me. Plus, she didn't mind (terribly) being awoken at 2:00 a.m. by a crying Charlotte. That's the kind of friends that we are.

So, Dorothea has been dating this great guy (we'll call him Sergei) for a while now, and a few months ago, they decided to get married. The wedding is tomorrow. Because I'm a good friend to Dorothea, I helped her decide which of two engagement rings she should get (ask for), helped her make pecan tarts and mints for her reception, helped to organize her bridal shower, and I will be bringing a giant spinach and orange salad to the wedding luncheon tomorrow. Because I'm a semi-talented singer as well as a good friend, I'll also be singing at the actual wedding.

So, I'm kind of involved with the whole wedding thing, as it turns out. I had kind of thought that this wasn't all that big of a deal for me, but then I started having weird dreams about the wedding. Last week I dreamed that Dorothea had asked me to take tickets for the wedding. (Apparently she had decided that there would be so many people wanting to come that she would have to restrict entrance to those who had a ticket). Unfortunately, rather than sending the tickets out with the announcements, she had given the tickets to me to pass out, and then to receive. The tickets were very involved, and even had the name and picture of the guest on them.

So, in my dream, I'm there, trying to hand out and gather tickets, all by myself, and I'm doing a terrible job. Worse still, I'm holding up the line, and so the wedding is about to start and only one or two people are in the room, because the rest of the guests are all out with me, trying to get into the wedding, but being barred by my inablility to sort out the ticket situation.


Then, last night I had another Dorothea wedding dream. This one wasn't quite as stressful or involved though. I just dreamed that I caught a cold and couldn't sing at the wedding after all. Luckily, when I awoke this morning, I felt completely fine.

Also luckily, Dorothea doesn't have tickets for her wedding, and I don't need to pass them out or receive them. So, chances are the whole event will go off without a hitch. Then perhaps I can go back to having weird dreams about my own life and the events there.

And now it's on to the weekend!


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