Monday, November 06, 2006

A Weekend of Celebrations

Well, I had a very busy but very enjoyable weekend.

Friday I went to the movie Flicka with Dorothea. It was Dorothea's idea, and we mainly went to see it because of Tim McGraw being in it. Dorothea is a die hard country fan. Anyway, the move was quite good. The scenery was beautiful, and I liked Tim McGraw much better in this movie than in Friday Night Lights. That could just be because he plays a much more likeable character in this one though.

Saturday was the busiest day of the week. I started out the day by attending a wedding of a friend, a friend with whom I actually went on a few dates back in April. Funny how things work out, huh? He's now married to someone else, and I'm with Elijah. I think we're both happy with our choices. It's so nice when it works out that way, isn't it?

After the wedding, I had just enough time to run a few errands and change my clothes before it was time to go to the bridal shower that I was helping to throw for Dorothea. That went well also. Dorothea has a whole bunch of really nice friends and family, so having them all together in a room laughing and eating and (my personal favorite) opening presents was a treat.

After the shower, I had just enough time to run home, and pick up a present to drop off at the wedding reception for the friend I mentioned before. After that I ran to Elijah's, and we then rushed off to a birthday celebration for yet another friend.

Before that celebration was completely over, we left there so that we could go Contra Dancing. Have you ever heard of contra dancing? If not, check out this website: All I will say is that it is FUN! I had been a few times in my college years, but it had been several years since I'd gone and Elijah had never gone. We messed up a bunch, and because of our inexperience, we ended up messing up a bunch of other people as well, but everyone was patient with us, and we all had a great great time.

Sunday was also a pretty busy day, but I think this post is already quite long enough. This week looks to be quite eventful as well. My father and mother are coming into town later this week to make a presentation to my Relief Society, and then Saturday is Dorothea's wedding. Then the next week I leave for Paris! Yippee!!


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