Wednesday, November 29, 2006

As promised . . . (Paris Photos!)

This is Paris as seen through a really cool monument that they have just at the other end of the Trocadero. I thought it was really interesting. I took this picture on the day that Tayneshia and I split up to explore Paris on our own. Shortly after taking this picture, I ended up being followed (I think) by an unknown individual. We got off the metro at the same time, and then for a while I would see him every 5-10 minutes, whenever I went. It freaked me out a bit, but eventually I just started walking in the opposite direction, in close proximity to a older French businessman, and my would-be stalker gave up.

Above is a photo of me and Tayneshia in front of the Palace at Versailles. The photo on the right is the Arc d'Triomphe. I love the waving flag. It rained quite a bit on our trip, which in some ways was kind of a bummer, but the accompanying breeze sure makes the flag look cool, doesn't it?

Here is Notre Dame. I came to Paris for one day with my mom about 10 years ago. On that trip, Notre Dame was covered in scaffolding, so I wasn't able to take any really pretty pictures. The cloudy sky didn't really cooperate with me in taking this picture, but at least there's no scaffolding. Also, I like the cluster of umbrellas in the front--especially the yellow one.

Yellow is my favorite color, in case you were wondering.

And, finally, the photo to the right is a rather blurry, cheesy, fake-smile picture that Tayneshia took of me riding the Carousel that stands in the shadow of the Sacre Couer Cathedral at Montmarte. Cheesey fake smile aside, it was great fun to ride the Carousel (the fourth I've ridden this year incidentally), and great fun to be in Paris in general.

And I suppose that is enough for this entry. Getting back to regular life has been good, easier and more enjoyable than I anticipated. Sunday I put up my Christmas tree, and I spent my spare time yesterday and today decorating it as well as the rest of the house. Nice.

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