Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ode to Dishboy

A-ha!! You thought you weren't going to be hearing from me for a few days, didn't you? So did I.

BUT--we were both wrong. I am compelled, for reasons beyond my understanding to have a complete blog entry, dedicated to my brother, Jacob.

Jacob writes a weekly letter, which he then sends to me and his friends, and other members of the family. It's good stuff. He writes the letter on Sunday usually, and it's always a treat for me to start my Monday morning by reading the latest happenings in his life and the lives of his family members. He is currently in medical school, living in Washington (state) with his wife and son and daughter.

Below are some of my favorite portions of his last few letters:

As far as the rest of life here in Yakima things are going good. I drew blood this week. I was practicing on one of the nurses (who has terrible veins). I didn’t get any blood, but I also didn’t bruise her so she says my technique is good (just have bad aim I guess). I was very distraught and since I have such good veins I decided to poke myself just to show that I could get some good blood. I did a wonderful job on my arm and quickly filled a vial, unfortunately drawing blood with one hand is much easier than removing the vial and needle with one hand so I had to yell for help so I could have the needle removed from my arm. (8/27/06)

Melissa finally got an ultrasound this week and we were informed that we are having a boy. Spencer apparently is having a horse and he says Jessi is having a frog so we're going to have a pretty full house come December. Melissa is excited because she doesn't have to buy a bunch of new winter clothes for the baby. We're unsure about a name at this point, but when we were looking at a baby names list the other day Melissa was particularly fond of Xing Xing. I may have to veto that one. (10/1/06)

And my personal favorite:

On the way to church today we were listening to Aunt Charlotte's CD. Spencer recognized her voice and said; "I think Aunt Charlotte sounds like a princess". With that I will end the update for another week. (10/15/06)

So, that's Jacob.

Until later,


dishboy said...

Woohoo I'm famous! Alas the identity of dishboy is now out in the open what will I do. I'm sure you realize you have put yourself in a predicament with the plagiarism in this entry.

Charlotte said...

I didn't think it was plagiarism if you gave the person credit.

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