Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mickey is alive and well

So, I'm back from Disneyland. It was GREAT! We had a three day hopper pass, and spent all of the first day in Disneyland. The second day we spent a few hours in Disneyland, but spent the bulk of our time in California Adventure. The third day we spent a few hours in both places, but by 2:00 p.m., we were in my sister's minivan, headed back to Southern Utah and home.

I have determined that if I ever go to Disneyland with children, I will do it the way we just did it. That is to say, that to truly enjoy Disneyland, you need to have at least three adults. It also helps if one of the adults doesn't like roller coaster rides very much. We were lucky in that we had five adults, and TWO of the adults didn't really care very much for roller coaster rides.

That played out well, because one or two adults could take the kids on the Alice in Wonderland ride, or the Autopia ride, or the Peter Pan ride, and the other adults could take a quick walk to Space Mountain, or Splash Mountain, or Thunder Mountain (are you noticing a trend here?) and ride those together. After the grownups were done with the rollercoasters, we'd call the others on the cell phones, and get back together for some all-family fun.

We very rarely did any important ride without taking advantage of the whole fast-pass system, which made the whole experience much much better than I remember it being even when I was a little kid. Also, Ryan (my brother-in-law) was adamant that we be at the park at or as close to the opening time as possible. At first I wasn't really big on this idea (sleeping in is almost more of a treat to me than eating chocolate), but I soon saw the wisdom of this plan. For about the first hour or two, we basically had the park to ourselves, which was a real treat.

So, it was lovely, just lovely. And now I'm back home, just in time for Halloween. Elijah and I are going to The Prestige tonight to celebrate, so unfortunately, I won't be around for the little trick-or-treaters to come knocking at my door. I left a basket of Mike & Ikes and Starburst on my doorstep. Here's hoping that the kids each take one or two, and that there's plenty for all. Let's be honest though, chances are, the first kid who comes by without his parents' supervision is going to empty the whole basket into his goodie bag and be off. Oh well. Mike & Ikes aren't that great anyway now, are they?

Happy Halloween,

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