Monday, October 16, 2006

just a quick note

I had a nice weekend. On Saturday I went to Salt Lake City, where I met up with my old friend Lynn, and we went to an opera together. Lynn and I were roommates about 7 years ago, and we had a great time living in the same apartment. She's a great one to laugh with, to say the least. So, we caught up over some really great Mexican Food, and then went to "La Traviata". It was a good production, and a very nice way to spend an afternoon and evening.

Then yesterday I had a little dinner party for some of my friends. It was a smallish group, only six of us, and Elijah and I were the only two people who knew everyone else there. I was a little concerned that everyone wouldn't gel well together, but it all turned out just fine. The food turned out really well (I haven't been much of a cook lately, but as I do it more, I'm remembering that I really enjoy it!), and the company was just stellar. We laughed and laughed, and everyone was talking fast and interrupting eachother and trying to get their words in. Sometimes those kinds of things drive me crazy, but not this time. This time it felt just fine.

And now it's Monday and another week is starting. Isn't it nice to start a week when you had a good end to the last one?


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