Friday, October 13, 2006

A Bucket of Frozen Frogs

So, Elijah and I were talking earlier today about some possibilities for new musicals. This conversation was prompted by a discussion we had regarding Frank Loesser's musical The Most Happy Fella. The thing is, this work is not necessarily about a man who is generally a really happy fella. (for a plot synopsis, look at this website: But, we came to the conclusion that you can't really call a musical something along the lines of The Fella Who Was Pretty Happy Some of the Time, now can you? I mean, who would go see a musical by that name?

That got us thinking about some other possible new musicals:

"Death of a Salesman: The Musical"--doesn't that just scream success? I can hear some of the songs now:
---"The sun'll come out, tomorrow . . . or not"
---"I got rhythm, I got music, I got my man, who could ask for anything more? Well, how about for some success? Music and rhythm don't pay the bills you know."

Or, we thought about just putting happy words to really really mournful music. You know, like funeral dirges.

And then, we thought of a musical that we would call:

A Bucket of Frozen Frogs

Who knows what it would be about, but doesn't that just have a fun ring to it? I love it! The name comes from an experience that Elijah had in his youth. He had gone to visit his grandmother, who lived by some kind of a swamp or something. And, to his joy, in this swamp, he was able to catch a whole bucket of frogs, which he of course brought back to the house. Of course, his grandmother would not let him bring the bucket inside the house, so he left it in the backyard. Well, what should he find the next morning, but that he now had . . .


! ! ! How tragic! Elijah was unhappy, but what could he do? So, he went on to play elsewhere. Imagine his surprise when he came back later in the afternoon (after the sun had come out and warmed up the world) to find that he was now left with an empty bucket! The frogs had warmed up, and seeing that they were free to leave the bucket (earlier, before they had been frozen, Elijah had put a lid on the bucket. After the freezing episode, he had removed the lid, and not replaced it), they all jumped off and went along their little frog way.

It's a fun story, but for me the best party is just that little phrase about the frozen frogs.

Well, I have things to do tonight. So, I'd best be on my way.


ps-lest you complain about the random-ness of this entry, let me remind you that it is titled "a bit of quirkiness" So, you knew what you had signed up for when you came to visit the site.



scullery maid said...

I don't recall reading this a year ago, but just saw it on your quirkiest list.

Thank you for such a great start to my morning. I laughed and laughed.

And I have to ask. Is Eliiah a sudaname for someone whose initials are M.B.?

Charlotte said...

Sorry to dissappoint you, but Elijah is a surname for Eric. Before we got engaged, I referred to him as Elijah here. It would be even funnier if it was MB though, huh?

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