Monday, October 02, 2006

a (brief) vacation review

Well, San Diego was great. What can I say?

We went to Sea World, where I was able to touch a manta ray and hold a starfish. (That isn't my hand in the photo, it's Ilsa's. But, I held one too, honest.) We ate the most delicious French Toast I've ever eaten (and I'm actually quite a connoisseur of French Toast, so that's saying something) while looking over the La Jolla Cove. We explored San Diego's version of Little Italy, which was a little bit of a disappointment, but at least we got to eat some gelato. We attended the San Diego temple, which was absolutely beautiful. We ate great Mexican food in Old Town. We walked along the beach on Coronado island for as long as our legs could carry us. Most importantly, we only got terribly, heroically, impossibly lost one time. Not bad as vacations go.

And now it's back to work and regular life. But that's okay. These days I'm at a place where I'm quite pleased with regular life, so coming home to it is not a bad thing in the least.


(ps--do you know what "ttfn" stands for? If not, you should brush up on your "Winnie the Pooh".)


Dishboy said...

ta ta for now. Do I get a prize for this?

Charlotte said...

No prize. But, I'm impressed that you know. I'm even more impressed that you're reading the blog!

dishboy said...

the joys of a google toolbar. you get a lot of hits with ttfn and winnie the pooh

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