Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Tomorrow I'm heading out for a little vacation. The circumstances of this vacation aren't all that interesting, but those of a vacation about six months ago are, and those circumstances are the reason that I'm going on this one tomorrow. So, I'll fill you in on the back story.

Until last March, I had lived with the same roommate for 8 or 9 years. We'll call her Henrietta. Henrietta had a very good friend/sometime boyfriend for about the same amount of time. We'll call him Pedro.

One day, about a year ago, Henrietta informed me that the following April, she would be attending a conference in Orlando. Pedro was living in Alabama at the time, and Henrietta suggested to me that perhaps she and I and Theo (my boyfriend at the time) should go to Orlando together, meet up with Pedro, and the four of us could have a great time playing with Mickey Mouse and his friends. I was all for it. I waited a bit to tell Theo though, for reasons that I can't really explain.

Well, fast forward to last November. Henrietta and Pedro break up, this time for good. No longer is a cozy little double date in Orlando looking like such a great idea. So, Theo is summarily un-invited to Orlando (not a big deal since he never really knew that he was invited in the first place). Instead, Henrietta concocts an even better idea. Why not make it a girl trip? So, she calls two other friends of ours, Camilla and Ilsa, and invite them along. As it turns out, Ilsa works at the same place as Henrietta, and she arranges to attend the conference as well.

So, we're all set. Fast forward to last February. Theo and I break up. It's agony. There are tears and trials and pain, but it's all for the best (for both of us). Meanwhile, Pedro calls Henrietta from Alabama, and tells her that he can't live without her, that every moment he breathes causes him pain and suffering all because she is no longer in his life. Perhaps that might have been a slight exaggeration. Within a few weeks, Pedro and Henrietta are engaged. Suddenly, Henrietta has no desire to go to Orlando, or anywhere else except for Alabama.

So, long story short, Ilsa, Camilla, and I all go to Orlando on a trip that Henrietta arranged and planned for us. We have an absolute ball! We learn that we are GREAT traveling companions! It's heaven!!

And that is how it just so happens that tomorrow I'm leaving for San Diego. Ilsa has a conference for her work there, and Camilla and I are going to mooch off her hotel and play play play.

Isn't it nice when things turn out even better than you planned them?

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