Friday, August 18, 2006

Family Blogs

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My Eric
(This is a geek blog that
much to my chagrin gets at
least as many hits per week
as my blog gets, even though
it hasn't been updated in
nearly a year. A true
testament to the power of

Jacob and Melissa Corry
(Jacob is my brother)
(A note about this blog--Jacob
Melissa both contribute, with
each of them writing about
the same amount of posts.
It makes for a delightfully
varied experience, in my
opinion. One day you read
about the woes and joys of
a medical resident, or a
sports rant, from a rabid fan,
the next you read about a new
quilt pattern. Then there's
always a cute/funny kid
story or two to tie it all
together. Maybe it's just
because I know them so well,
but I've got to say, I think
it's pretty awesome.)

Jacob's more opinionated blog

Melissa's quilting blog

Amy Greenway
(Amy is Eric's sister)

Adam Greenway
(Adam is married to Amy)

Rebecca and Ryan Esplin
(Rebecca is my sister)

Scott and Lindsay Cantwell
(Scott is Eric's brother)

Doug and Maegan Corry
(Doug is my brother)

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